2021 Annual Three Specie Tournament Results

2021 Fall Fishing Tournament


Forty Years of Fishing, Friends, and Fun

The 40th Annual Fall Fishing Tournament was another great event. With the continuous threat of COVID the entire 2021 season, we held our breath to see if we would have any guests at all. Not only was the season a great success but our tournament did not disappoint either. This year we had 49 fishermen in camp from all over. Unfortunately, some familiar faces were missing, but we truly hope to see them again. Family always comes first and we cannot agree more. It was a very difficult decision for some to have to make.

As we ready for the 2021 Fall Tournament, we anticipate the return of familiear faces and catching up on the events of each person's life adventure. The stories from years gone by keep the dreams alive and remind us of the exciting times we have yet to share as life continues the journey. The Life of Riley invites you to return in 2021 and ask another group or person to enjoy the stories and memories that are made.

Here are the results of the tournament:


  1. Jeff VanDekeere- 4.05 lbs- 18 7/8in- 14 1/4in
  2. Jim Martis- 4.01 lbs- 18 1/4in- 14 1/4in
  3. Jimmy Pfutzenruter- 3.91 lbs- 18 30/32in- 13 3/4in


  1. Happy Snap- 4.45 lbs- 27 ½ in- 10 7/8in
  2. Brett Peterson- 4.18 lbs- 27 1/2in- 10 ¾ in
  3. Happy Snap- 4.08 lbs- 24 1/4in- 9 3/4in


  1. Jeff Beyer – 1.67 lbs- 17 ½ in- 9in
  2. Tom Klems- 1.63 lbs- 17 1/8 in- 9in
  3. Eric Miller- 1.61 lbs- 17 in- 9 in