Pets: Dogs, cats, birds, whatever we desire, they’re our friends and companions. We have had an open door policy for a number of years - over 25 - and would love to continue the policy for years to come. We do ask that owners keep dogs on a leash or contained in some manner, this protects your dog and mainains harmony. With so many different dogs it is a coutesy we extend to each other while on the resort grounds. We find most pet owners enjoy the ability to bring their pet, but we do remind owners it is their responsibility to care for and maintain their pets during the stay. We also ask that owners be responsible for the dog and its calling marks. The increase in roadside and cabin droppings and occasional cabin damage is noticed. We have an exercise area by the pole barn or parking lot, and ask that the beach area continue to be an exclusive area for children and adult activities. We have a small beach area by the docks for dog exercise or the use of the public landing. For your convenience there is an outdoor kennel at no charge. We allow one (1) pet at no charge. But will assess a $35 fee for additional pets. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their animals.

  • An additional $100 cleaning fee will be charged for excessive pet cleanup in or around your cabin.