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2017 Annual Three Specie Tournament Results


Thirty-six Years of Fishing, Friends, and Fun

The 36th Annual Fall Tournament was an anticipated reunion of anglers who have become good friends, taking time to enjoy fall colors and good fishing. What a wonderful time to enjoy being on Lake Vermilion with the abundant wildlife and beautiful scenery. The weather remained wonderful for the week, even with the forecast for colder temperatures and some rain ... it didn't snow!

The tournament was able to welcome back guests from the past and we missed some that had hoped to be here. We were grateful for everyone that was able to participate and anticipate next year! Of course, the tournament always has some memorable moments, one being the couple that "Stumped Rock" with the Notable Vermilion Tribute Statue that was located on the lake. There were the groups from Arizona and Pennsylvania, and our much-anticipated "football" loving Iowa clan. Our groups of 2 have grown, we may look at the Northwoods for our "Pairs" cabin so we can fit everyone.

The tournament is always a wonderful reunion of familiar faces that bring such joy. We look forward to the re-cap of yearly events and family milestones, which are shared in stories and photos. Moments that are treasured by us, to be allowed this privilege of just being and seeing how life has been going for the families. As we age, those times are precious and hold great pleasure, as well as the hope that Riley's values and characteristics will be someting shared with the "new" generation. Of course, having the steadfast guidance of the present generation to lead the show is so important to the learning process.

As we ready for the 2018 Fall Tournament we anticipate the return of familiar faces and catching up on the events of each persons lives. The stories from years gone by keep the dreams alive and remind us of the exciting times we have yet to share. The Life of Tiley invites you to return to the 2018 tournament and ask another group to enjoy the stories and memories that are made.

Here are the results of the tournament:

Mike Neisen - 6.64 lbs
Johnny Neisen - 6.24 lbs
Mike Neilsen - 2.29 lbs
Pat Johnson - 6.84 lbs
Brian Himstedt - 4.38 lbs
Mac McKenney - 4.08 lbs
Jim Martis - 3.13 lbs
Greg Conner - 2.96 lbs
Mac McKenney - 2.86 lbs

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